Auetl IM608 Program Ford Explorer 2016 All Smart Keys Lost Tips

Some mistakes were made during this process, but there are still lessons to be learned from them. 2016 Ford Explorer lost all smart keys from Autel IM608. Belongs to the car park. 1 key ordered. Fought active alert and failed. Made 2 chirps, then the next step would trigger it again. I saw a BCM read option so I’m dragging it and preparing to open it. I see the key code on the sticker. I didn’t think it had the keypad before, but after looking again I see it hidden very well in the pillar. lol Reassemble everything and disable with the keyboard and it works. So now onto the programming key. Saw 4 keys and decided to do akl. (I know now) learned perfectly but now it says it needs 2 keys to finish. I searched my truck and found another Ford smart key that reads the same transponder but is blocked. Throw it in the slot and added a key. It went through the process but then said it failed. I went back and looked and it said there were 2 keys. Sure enough. It’s closed. Runs and drives with no problems.

BTW: Those keys are reusable. And they are the same keys just look different.  They work from 2016 and up.


Fords when doing AKL procedures you need to add 2 keys, you could have just chosen \”add key\” then you would only need 1 key. They also said you heard the 2 chirps then you started adding keys and the alarm went off again next time you just keep adding keys, that’s how it worked for me. I disabled the alarm, I heard 2 beeps then started adding the key, the alarm sounded but I just went through the process then the key was added and the alarm stopped.

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