Toyota Trouble Repair

How to Remove a Locking Lug Nut Without the Key

In our previous article: How to Remove Wheel Locks Without a key Programmer Tool, we show a simple way to remove a lock nut without a key. In this instruction, [...]

How to Turn Off 2017 Corolla Check Engine Light with Xtool A80 Pro

Today so I want to show you how to remove the check light from your dashboard with an Xtool A80 pro PS: What Does Your Check Engine Light Mean The check [...]

Toyota Corolla 2015 All Key Lost Programming by Xhorse 8A Adapter

Hello everyone, today we’re gonna bring you another demo on Toyota Corolla Altis AKL programming by Xhorse 8A adapter, which can work with VVDI2 / VVDI Key [...]

How to install Techstream software 12.20.024 Windows 7

Newest Toyota Techstream V12.20.024 is tested without issues on Windows 7 operation system and verified to work well with MINI VCI Cable For TIS Techstream, [...]

Launch X431 PAD VII GPF Regeneration Operation

Launch X431 Pad VII, European Euro Tab III, and other devices can perform GPF (Particulate Filter Regeneration) Regeneration function for mainly Subaru, [...]

Free Download and Install Toyota Techstream V16.00.020 Software

New Toyota Techstream V16.00.020 software working fine with MINI VCI cable, Support Toyota,Scion and Lexus vehicles. Techstream is designed to be [...]

Active Hidden Function via X431 PRO for Toyota Reiz 2015

Here we will show you how to active hidden function by X431 PRO for Toyota Reiz 2015. Function has been already tested on Toyota below: 1. Automatic [...]

Program Toyota All Keys Lost XTOOL X100 PAD3 or Autel IM608 IM508

Which tool can add smart key to Toyota when all keys lost? The suggestion is that Xtool X100 Pad3 (X100 PAD Elite), Autel IM608 and Autel IM508 are good [...]