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How to Read GM Engine ECU by MPM and GODIAG GT105

MPM ECU TCU Chip Tuning Tool Has all GM protocols, OBD read ECM and TCM. All work in OBD, no need damaos for GM cars. It can work with GODIAG GT105 to read GM [...]

Techline Connect Software Update

The latest update to the Techline Connect software that was recently released includes changes designed to enhance the efficiency and productivity of the [...]

How to use GM Tech2 GM Diagnostic Scanner

The Tech 2 User’s Guide provides a comprehensive overview of the Tech 2 scan tool.Everything contained in this manual is based on the latest product [...]

Clone PCM Reprogramming on 96 LT4 Corvette by GM Tech2

Works ok on my car 96 LT4 Corvette, You have to manually step through each test though. And you have to guess which standard your car is by manually trying [...]

How to solve GM Tech2 TIS 2000 Error E666

This help to solve GM tech 2 diagnostic tool error “E666 – Access to Service Programming Server was denied” in TIS 2000 interface. Tools [...]

The Errors You May Meet When You Use The GM Tech2

Even for the best vehicle diagnostic tools, errors are always hard to avoid. So people present some problems to us after they buy the GM Tech2. And today I [...]

GM Tech2 Reset 05 Chevrolet Corvette Brake light

Car model and year: 2005 Chevrolet Corvette M6 base Symptom: Brake lights are not working. Including the 3rd brake light. GM scanner: I do [...]

GM Tech2 Test Results Yes & No

GM Tech2 Test Results: Yes & No as well as FAQ. Big thanks to the real users. GM Tech2 Yes: GM trucks 1999 and 2013 climate control H2 [...]

GM Nano Review Success with Global & TIS2000 on XP VWmare

Yep, I set up both GlobalTis and Tis2000 in a new XP machine to get it working with the GM VXDIAG VCX Nano So if one is tech savvy, GM Nano is not a bad [...]

How-to’s of GM Tech2 Crankshaft Position Variation Learn

All right, today we’re going to be going through a crankshaft position relearn sequence on a Chevy Colorado or a GMC Canyon. My trucks of 2005 GMC Canyon [...]