How to Remove a Locking Lug Nut Without the Key

In our previous article: How to Remove Wheel Locks Without a key Programmer Tool, we show a simple way to remove a lock nut without a key. In this instruction, we’ll show you some other different methods you can use to remove that pesky lock on Toyota.

Keep in mind this methods is a little destructive, please do that on you own vehicle or have permission from the owner. And please do not use that to steal somebody’s wheels!

Method with socket:

The tool that you’re going to use is depend on the type of locking lug nut that you have. The type the we have to demonstrate is like this:


It’s supposed to have all these little splines in it, we could try to use a socket that is fit suitable to take it out.

In our case, we found a six-point socket can slide it in, and hold nice and tight, use a rubber mallet hammer it.


Use a air gun or long ratchet to break free


Method two:

If you had a round lock, we could try to cutting out a little groove in the lug nut to help take it out. Be careful to protect the steel wheel.


Use a regular chisel like a caveman, grab onto that lip, apply a very little bit amount of pressure, especially you’re using your air chisel, and try to get it to turn and break free. And at all times, please wear hand protection and eye protection.


Method three:

Another way that you could try to get these out is by drilling out straight through the log nut and drilling out the stud on the other side. At that point, you’re either have to replace the stud with the lug nut or even the wheel bearing with the lug nut.


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