Volvo Trouble Repair

The Solution of VAS6154 Interface License Expired

VAS6154 interface is a dealer lever diagnostic tool for VAG group vehicles , comes with OKI chips , supports diagnosis, online/offline programming. Support [...]

Volvo PTT 2.8.0 (replaces v2.7.116) (PTT / VCADS Pro) (incl. Dev Tool) Diagnostic Program

Volvo Premium Tech Tool v 2.8.0 (replaces v2.7.116) is the update software. It's a part of the dealer diagnostic kit. Premium Tech Tool allows performing all [...]

Reset Volvo “Time for regular maintenance” message with VIDA DiCE

The “time for regular maintenance” or “time for regular service” light is a non-critical message that serves as a reminder. For those of us who perform [...]