2020 Autel MaxiIM IM508 Autel IM608 Compare & Reviews

im508_im608 Differences Between Autel MaxiIM IM608 & MaxiIM IM508, Which Key Programmer is Your Better Choice? Autel MaxiIM IM508 & Autel IM608 is the best professional car key programming tools in the market (or in all of Autel products) for technicians and professional mechanics. In this review, I will provide you with the complete comparison chart of [...]

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Best OBD2 Mercedes Scanner

Mercedes-Benz is all about refinement, class and prestige. We know that they are luxurious, and fast but they can also be troublesome to repair. In this article we’ll [...]

How to Setup Connection Between DTS Monaco and MB SD C4 DoIP

After Benz DTS Monaco Software installation,you need configure DTS Monaco for interface (here take MB SD C4 DoIP as example).So here Obd2tool.com show you guide on how to [...]

Allscanner VXDIAG VCX DoIP Porsche Tester PIWIS 3 Car List

Look here: Allscanner VXDIAG VCX DoIP Porsche Tester PIWIS 3 vehicle coverage Compatibility: Porsche from year 2005 to 2018, including post-2017 vehicles with DoIP [...]

How to installing Diagnostic Kit EDL v3 software

This chapter provides instructions for installing the John Deere Electronic Data Link v3 (EDL3) drivers and utilities, connecting the EDL3 to a vehicle, connecting to a [...]

Could OBDSTAR dp plus do key program on GMC Sierra 2015-2018

OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS PAD2 Can support GMC SIERRA 2015-2018 do key programmer Here, check the car list: SIERRA 2017- 2015 with Smart without Smart 2007-2009 SIERRA [...]

Solution to Nissan consult III error “No registered VI/MI

Solution-to-Nissan-consult-III-error-No-registered-VI-MI-12 (2)
Nissan consult iii installation error ” There are no registered VI/MI. Please contact your administrator”. The device is Nissan Consult 3 Renault can clip 2-in-1 [...]

Will Launch X431 V+ diagnose Hyundai Kia etc Korean cars

launch-x431-v-plus-diagnose-hyundai-kia-00 (2)
Question: will Launch X431 V+ diagnose Hyundai Kia etc Korean cars? Launch chief engineer replied: 100% yes, even to 2020 year. Firstly, Launch X431 V+ Hyundai [...]

Fixed! Chevrolet Lumina with loss of power on hills

Car model and year: 97 3.1 Lumina has 90K Symptom: a bit of a very slow coolant loss, and the pump was found leaking. Replacing that, about a month ago, it started [...]

DoIP Xentry Connect C5 MB Star Diagnosis- What’s New

Real DoIP Xentry Connect C5 came as the newest star diagnosis system in the year 2017. it’s 1:1 clone of the original. Same as the one produced by French ACTIA Company, can [...]

ECU Information Display by MaxiSys Ultra

This function retrieves and displays the specific information for the tested control unit of MaxiSYS Ultra, including unit type and version numbers. 1. Diagnostics [...]