Tango Program Smart Key 128 Bit for Toyota Camry 2013

Here is a instruction guide on how to use Tango Programmer to program 128 bit smart key for Toyota Camry 2013.

What you need?

Original Tango Key Programmer

MINI VCI Cable Techtream(J2534 PassThru Adapter)

Scorpio-LK Emulators SLK-03


Connect Toyota Mini VCI cable to your OBD port and laptop USB cable

Run Tango software and select “TangoPlus”–>”Toyota”


Here you need click “Settings” to select you interface


Click “Connect to Car”


After then click “Read Data from Car”


After EEPROM reading,you can click “Save File” button to save the EEPROM file on your pc


Then follow the prompt massage to use SLK-03 transponder,put SLK-03 into Tango programmer into the coil

Tango-Program-Smart-Key-128-Bit-for-Toyota-Camry-2013-7 Tango-Program-Smart-Key-128-Bit-for-Toyota-Camry-2013-8


Click “Write Emulator” and select “SLK-03”


After write emulator finishing,use SLK-03 emulator to press “Ignition Switch” on Toyota


Registration of New Smart Keys:

There are many diagnostic software in the world that can learn new keys. This procedure is outside of our software and is a subject of customer’s choice.

To enter the Registration procedure at least one valid SmartKey is necessary. After the learning software asks you for the valid SmartKey, show him the written emulator instead of the original car’s key. The emulator created in the previous step serves to authenticate Registration procedure.

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