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How to Remove a Locking Lug Nut Without the Key

In our previous article: How to Remove Wheel Locks Without a key Programmer Tool, we show a simple way to remove a lock nut without a key. In this instruction, [...]

Scorpio-LK Tango free download and installation on Win 7/8/10

Hi guys, this article will show you where to download Scorpio-LK Tango 1.116 software and how to install the software on win 7 810. Scorpio-LK Tango free [...]

VVDI2, IM608 and VVDI MB Which is Better for EU Cars

Vehicle coverage: Renault, VAG, ford, Mercedes, BMW, PSA, fiat are the vehicles that I have the most The Key Programmer I am interested in: Autel [...]

Tango Program Smart Key 128 Bit for Toyota Camry 2013

Here is a instruction guide on how to use Tango Programmer to program 128 bit smart key for Toyota Camry 2013. What you need? Original Tango Key [...]

(Solved) Honda EasyKeyMaker No Sound when Connection

Problem: I just received Easykeymaker Honda, but it doesn’t make any sound when i connect it. No “dee…dee…” nothing. The light turns on but no [...]

Tango Basic vs. Tango Full Transponder Key Programmer

What’s the difference between original Scorpio Tango Key Programmer and TANGO full transponder key programmer?  Check the table comparison [...]

How to Use Easy Key Maker to All Keys for Honda

Easy Key Maker Honda Key Programmer Supports Honda/Acura 1999-2022 Including All Keys Lost Easy Key Maker Programmer Support Functions: 1)Add [...]