BMW Trouble Repair

Autel IM508 with XP400 Pro supports smart IMMO programming for BMW EWS3

Autel IM508 with XP400 Pro supports intelligent IMMO programming for BMW EWS3. The 2006 BMW E46 318i has been tested to successfully add the new key chip 44 [...]

BMW F-Chassis Auto StartStop Permanent Off Coding by Launch X431 PAD VII

BMW-F-Chassis-Auto-StartStop-Permanent-Off-Coding-by-Launch-X431-PAD-VII-1 (2)
This post comes with the tutorial of Auto Start/Stop Permanent Off Coding for BMW F-Chassis by using Launch X431 Pad VII. Here is the specific [...]

How to Use R270 Ncs Expert Retrofit BMW M3 Instrument Cluster

How-to-Use-R270-Ncs-Expert-Retrofit-BMW-M3-Instrument-Cluster-3 (2)
This is a DIY guide that explains how to retrofit another instrument cluster in your car. In this case I upgraded my 128i to an M3 cluster, but all coding [...]

Error when programming BMW F32 in ISTA-P 4.19.13 Expert Mode (Solved)

Problem: I had error when programming BMW F32 in ISTA-P 4.19.13 Expert Mode. Vehicle programming with ISTA/P is no longer approved for the connected [...]

Launch X431 PAD VII GPF Regeneration Operation

Launch-X431-PAD-VII-GPF-Regeneration-Operation-20 (3)
Launch X431 Pad VII, European Euro Tab III, and other devices can perform GPF (Particulate Filter Regeneration) Regeneration function for mainly Subaru, [...]

Program BMW Single ECU with Icom ISTA+ or Esys

Problem: there is a car 2020 year model, X750i . I want to program right Headlight only with Icom ISTA+ but there is I couldn't find single ecu programming [...]

How to Set up BMW ICOM Next WiFi Connection

1. Run  ITool Radar to detect ICOM information 2. Open IE browser and enter ICOM configuration address (based on current real ICOM IP ) 3. [...]

How to change the IP address of ENET WIFI

How to change the IP address of BMW Diagnostic Tool ENET WIFI 1.PC WIFI connect to ENET WIFI,(BMW ENET WIFI) WIFI name:ENET_WIFI_XXXX WIFI [...]

ICOM Next A connect to Esys Manual

1.Connect ICOM Next A cable; 2.Reserve ICOM NEXT IP; 3. Connect E-sys Read ecu If you want to know more about BMW ICOM, please [...]

Program BMW EWS3 key by AK90 plus + VVDI Key Tool Plus

Good morning folks, I have BMW EWS3 with Original chip PCF 7931 (ELM), today I want to have fun with Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus and it’s not necessary for [...]