Program VW New Beetle 2006 ID48 Key Chip by Autel IM508

Hello! Happy New Year 2021! OBD2TOOL is going to use Autel MaxiIM IM508 to program immobilizer key chip ID48 for a Volkswagen New Beetle 2006 .This will be done in expert mode.

Connect Autel IM508 with VW OBD2 interface, press button on scanner tablet:

IMMO >> Accept >> Volkswagen >> Expert mode >> Key learning >> Auto detect

program-vw-new-beetle-2006-id48-key-chip-by-autel-im508-1 (2) program-vw-new-beetle-2006-id48-key-chip-by-autel-im508-2 (2)
program-vw-new-beetle-2006-id48-key-chip-by-autel-im508-3 (2)
program-vw-new-beetle-2006-id48-key-chip-by-autel-im508-4 (2)
program-vw-new-beetle-2006-id48-key-chip-by-autel-im508-5 (2)

Volkswagen/Lamborghini Gallardo-2005 (KWP2000) >> Auto obtain PIN/CS from engine >> OK >> Key learning

program-vw-new-beetle-2006-id48-key-chip-by-autel-im508-6 (2)
program-vw-new-beetle-2006-id48-key-chip-by-autel-im508-7 (2)
program-vw-new-beetle-2006-id48-key-chip-by-autel-im508-8 (2)
program-vw-new-beetle-2006-id48-key-chip-by-autel-im508-9 (2)

Enter number of keys to be learned, press “OK”.

Turn ignition off for 5s and then back to ON, press “OK” within 2s.

Key learning in progress…

program-vw-new-beetle-2006-id48-key-chip-by-autel-im508-10 (2)
program-vw-new-beetle-2006-id48-key-chip-by-autel-im508-11 (2)

Turn ignition off, insert each key that needs to be learned and turn ignition on for a continuous period of 2s, press “OK”.

Key learning completed!, press “OK”.

Turn ignition off, then back to ON and start the engine. If the ignition cannot be started, please wait for 5 min and then restart the engine. Press “OK”.

program-vw-new-beetle-2006-id48-key-chip-by-autel-im508-12 (2)
program-vw-new-beetle-2006-id48-key-chip-by-autel-im508-13 (2)
program-vw-new-beetle-2006-id48-key-chip-by-autel-im508-14 (2)

Test the keys works or not, all good, can work normally!

program-vw-new-beetle-2006-id48-key-chip-by-autel-im508-15 (2)

Job has done!

This is a procedure of ID48 key programming for a Volkswagen New Beetle 2006 with Autel IM508 Key Programmer. More vehicle tests to be updated…

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