How to solve GM Tech2 TIS 2000 Error E666

This help to solve GM tech 2 diagnostic tool error “E666 – Access to Service Programming Server was denied” in TIS 2000 interface.

Tools used:

Chinese Tech 2 scanner and also a dongle with cd for tis 2000
laptop with Windows XP (won’t work on Windows 7)

Background information:
the tech 2 is working perfectly but the tis have some problems that i cant solve
i downloaded the tis for reprogramming ecus .. flashing . upgrading
as i read while searching for the best tool to work with american cars GM . isuzu…
so installed the program and trying to access to SPS but it keeps error E666: Access to Service Programming Server was denied.


Tried but failed:

installed it standalone also server database . many times but no use

Tried successfully:

need a New-Different “Safe” cable if you using USB —-> RS232…..

make sure the cable is a rs-232 and not a rs232c

To set COM port.


Normal TIS2000 software that comes with it requires a USB security dongle. Go figure. GM Software TIS2000 is COM yet the security is USB. This REALLY screws up things sometimes.

If you do need the dongle and don’t have one, it will come with error E666

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