Digimaster 3 Renault Megane 2 Phase 2 Mileage Programming

Confirmed: Yanhua Digimaster 3 can program mileage for Renault Megane 2 Phase 2 old and newer models.


Open Digimaster 3 -> Select “Meter system” -> Europe -> Renault -> Megane -> NEC (After dismantling the dashboard, you can check the chip type) or 93C46 (for common 8 foot chip)

digimaster-3-renault-megane-2-phase-2-mileage-programming-01 digimaster-3-renault-megane-2-phase-2-mileage-programming-02 digimaster-3-renault-megane-2-phase-2-mileage-programming-03 digimaster-3-renault-megane-2-phase-2-mileage-programming-04 digimaster-3-renault-megane-2-phase-2-mileage-programming-05 digimaster-3-renault-megane-2-phase-2-mileage-programming-07 digimaster-3-renault-megane-2-phase-2-mileage-programming-06

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