VW Audi mileage adjust via OBDII cable with Yanhua Digimaster 3

Have VW Audi cars to adjust mileage, the best tool option is Yanhua Digimaster 3. Here I’d like to share how do I use Digimaster 3 to adjust mileage on VW Audi cars without dismantle.

Here we go step by step.

Step1. Plug Digimaster 3 to the dashboard via VW AUDI OBDII cable. (This cable is included in Digimaster 3 package)

vw-audi-odometer-reset-with-digimaster-3-01 (2)
vw-audi-odometer-reset-with-digimaster-3-02 (2)

Step2. Turn on Digimaster 3 and tap “Meter System” on operation menu.

vw-audi-odometer-reset-with-digimaster-3-03 (2)

Step3. Tap car series → “Europe” → “Volkswagen”

vw-audi-odometer-reset-with-digimaster-3-04 (2)
vw-audi-odometer-reset-with-digimaster-3-06 (2)

Step4. Tap “Diagnostic socket adjustment”→ “Automatic detection”→ “K-Line”

vw-audi-odometer-reset-with-digimaster-3-07 (2)
vw-audi-odometer-reset-with-digimaster-3-08 (2)
vw-audi-odometer-reset-with-digimaster-3-09 (2)

Step5. Check if you use the correct VW Audi OBDII cable as the Digimaster 3 display on the screen, tap “Next” to go on.

The current mileage is checked by digimaster 3, tap “Yes” to Confirm to adjust.
vw-audi-odometer-reset-with-digimaster-3-10 (2)
vw-audi-odometer-reset-with-digimaster-3-11 (2)

Step6. Input the new kilometers value and tap “OK”. Wait a second for adjusting data. Finally it will indicate success, which means Digimaster 3 successfully adjust Audi mileage.

vw-audi-odometer-reset-with-digimaster-3-12 (2)
vw-audi-odometer-reset-with-digimaster-3-13 (2)
vw-audi-odometer-reset-with-digimaster-3-14 (2)
vw-audi-odometer-reset-with-digimaster-3-15 (2)

Okay, adjust VW mileage with Digimaster 3 is so easy. Very happy with it. The whole process is fluently without any problem.

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