Free Download and Install JLR Mangoose SDD V160 on Windows 10

Newest version SDD V160 has been verified working with JLR Mangoose interface perfectly on Windows 10 system. provides JLR SDD software and patch download for free.

Software version: SDD V160

Language: Chinese, Dutch, French, English, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 10

Compatible interface: JLR mangoose cable (SP116), JLR Mangoose Pro cable

Free Download JLR SDD V160

(Download SDD  160_FULL only)

Free Download JLR SDD V160 Patch!zBpSFarJ!phCGoR3RGYqOHYQa9kVBIw

Free Download mangoose pro JLR driver

JLR SDD 160 Installation Guide:

installl-jlr-sdd-v160-on-win10-0 (2)

Tested on Windows 10 64bit

Step 1: Install SDD 160 Setup

Create a new SDD 160 folder on desktop
Copy and paste all files from software CD or download links to SDD 160 folder

installl-jlr-sdd-v160-on-win10-1 (2)
Run SDD 160.00_FULL setup

installl-jlr-sdd-v160-on-win10-2 (2)
Select setup Language

installl-jlr-sdd-v160-on-win10-3 (2)
Press Next to install SDD setup
Accept license agreement and firewall compatibility

Choose destination folder C:/Program Files (x86)/JLR

installl-jlr-sdd-v160-on-win10-4 (2)
Select All Language to install

installl-jlr-sdd-v160-on-win10-5 (2)
Press Install

installl-jlr-sdd-v160-on-win10-6 (2) installl-jlr-sdd-v160-on-win10-7 (2)
Install JLRMeasureApplication until succeeded

installl-jlr-sdd-v160-on-win10-8 (2)
Complete installing HV Safety Installer

installl-jlr-sdd-v160-on-win10-9 (2)

Install MOXA UPort setup

installl-jlr-sdd-v160-on-win10-10 (2)
Choose destination folder C:/Program Files/Moxa/USBDriver

installl-jlr-sdd-v160-on-win10-11 (2)
Press Install until finished
SDD is configuration new software installation

SDD V160 setup installed completed
Restart computer now.

Step 2: Install JLR Driver

Open JLR Driver folder

installl-jlr-sdd-v160-on-win10-12 (2)
Install J2534 MangoosePro driver for 64bit system
Accept license agreement
Press Next

installl-jlr-sdd-v160-on-win10-13 (2)
Click Install

installl-jlr-sdd-v160-on-win10-14 (2)
Finish Install J2534 jlr mangosoe Pro JLR driver

Step 3: Install SDD Patch

Extract JLR SDD Patch folder to SDD 160 folder
Install JLR SDD-2020 patch

installl-jlr-sdd-v160-on-win10-15 (2)
Select Offline version to install
Open SDD notepad on patch folder

installl-jlr-sdd-v160-on-win10-16 (2)

SDD notepad contains login user name and password

installl-jlr-sdd-v160-on-win10-17 (2)

Run JLR SDD software on desktop
SDD will require to enter user name and password

installl-jlr-sdd-v160-on-win10-18 (2)
Copy and paste user name and password from SDD notepad
Press Identify
User authentication successful

Go to Settings to select software language and save

installl-jlr-sdd-v160-on-win10-19 (2)

Quit software.

Step 4: Connect mangoose cable and run software

Connect mangoose or pro cable with computer

installl-jlr-sdd-v160-on-win10-20 (2)
Go to Device Manger to check interface is well connected
Run JLR SDD software

SDD will tell you MangoosePro JLR is connected

Read VIN

installl-jlr-sdd-v160-on-win10-21 (2)

Start diagnosis

installl-jlr-sdd-v160-on-win10-22 (2)

installl-jlr-sdd-v160-on-win10-23 (2)

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