How to fix Consult-III Plus V75 software is not supported by this computer

Error description: Installed Consult-III Plus V75 software on win7, got error ” CONSULT-III plus software is not supported by this computer. Check the computer and install CONSULT-III plus software on a suitable computer. Touch ‘OK * to finish the installation.” I also installed on Win 10 Pro, Win 7 Enterprise, Win Xp Sp2 etc, I got the same error message.


In German:

Consult-lll plus * InstallShield Wizard

CONSULT-III plus Software wird von diesem Computer nicht unterstützt. Computer prüfen und CONSULT-III plus Software auf einen geeigneten Computer installieren. Berühren Sie ‘OK*, um die Installation zu beenden. engineer replied:

You have to put the following file into the software before installing consult-iii plus v75!RVxWkSDb!XbsvWRI90YScFLdq3AZUGJHDhu5Iq_rvpJ9VE-rHfFM


Simple steps:

1.Open “tempNissan” -> “C3P_V75.15.00”

2.Copy “Setup.inx” on the desktop, paste it into “C3P_V75.15.00” to replace the original one.


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