How to decode hon66

Customer Problem:

How to decode hon66 – all of them are 6-6 cuts which doesn’t fit to my crv blade.


Xhorse key cutting machine users’ suggestions:

@Les Moyer

Cut 6 on both sides needs to be a 1. On worn keys, the last few cuts can be mis-read as deeper than they should be.

@Wire Works

I’ve had problems duplicating Honda keys on dolphin xp005 because of original being worn. I just remove one of the locks and get the code and code cut a new key.

@Security Locksmith, LLC

I just read the key pic you posted by eye in seconds.

Easy just practice and use common sense, learn the rules per code series.

Other HON66 issue with Xhorse key cutting machine:


The web is goo thick to pass and unlike most machines you can’t fix this with a shim raising the blank up.

Engineer’s solution:

Just put the thickness or the cutting depth 1.15 instead of 1.05 while cutting both sides and it will get you a perfect cut for all aftermarket hon66 blades.


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