Compare with KESS V2 & FGTech Galletto V54, Which one is Better for BMW M5 E60 EDC17 ?

Recently, I have been remapping a 2006 BMW M5 E60. I have heard the MPPS is not suitable for this ,so I decided to buy a better tool.

Not sure if I should go for a Galletto v54 or the Kess V2.

Any advice would be great, ideally I would like to get the one that covers most cars via OBD.

 User suggestion:

  1. I use both, Kess v2 clone + Galletto v54 clone. But I prefer v 54 only because user fredliness and good working stability, no chance to suspend writing file or something else. Kess little bit fussy, and to much moronresistant and used only if V54 will not handle it but in plus a lot better for gasoline engines. V54 in 80% still needs rework after buying but after that works perfect
  2. Buy both they are cheap enough get them reworked and then you have two good tools
  3. Earlier FGTech Galetto 4 didn’t support MSS65 K-line ( E6x V10 Mpower ) . It can only read by CAN which is only LCI E6x . Not sure about kess and the latest Galletto version . Someone can double check please . Some chinese says kess is not working good with K-line .
  4. I think it’s better to have boot clone tools they works on many units, about this ecu i think fg is the Best
  5. Both of them have its pros and cons, it’s up to you to make decision.
  6. I like like KessV2 is Safe, to work with them.
  7. EU kess only sold by resellers of chinese clones… the maths
    buy both kess v2 and galletto v54 Chinese clone tools, have a play, decide which you like best software wise
    have it reworked, job done
    FGtech galletto is compatible with more cars IMO kess is more user friendly
  8. Galletto working ok w/ sirius 32
  9. Kess V2 is better solution.
  10. EDC17 safer to do on the frame, and some only. KESS V2 and GALLETTO it is a good.
    If you buy a fake you never know what to do, and if at all something impute.
  11. Galletto V54 works well for boot mode tricore
  12. For me both tools are doing a good JOB – Kess is china clone but i have an original one as well. Just need to update is to Master – because at the moment is SLAVE.
    FG Galleto V54 is Euro Clone and until now it never ever let me down . Anyway… what i figure it out is that the tools are good and work good but the laptop configuration is quite important.
    I use panasonic toughbook CF 19 and CF 52. – Never had a single problem with both of them .
  13. Buy a good galletto clone “EU” and no problems, very stable.
  14. The fg have no cs correction in edc17 kess have .
    Kess v2 is better tool for now.
  15. the kess is more better than fgtech mpps etc
  16. On MED17 with KESS V2 Master can’t do full read. File is somehow encrypted. With Galletto is fine.
  17. My KESS is reworked and work great as original. I just say if I do full read (backup) the file is encrypted.
  18. Galletto works well with edc17,
    chinese kess no!
  19. Galletto is fine
  20. Galletto working fine
  21. GALLETTO works well in boot mode tricode


All in all, They both have large support for many cars, but they do tuning via different method. FGTech V54 has BDM function, whole KESS V2 does not. KESS V2 has Anti-mediation lock module, and it can do new and encrypted cars better than FGTech V54.

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