2005 Benz ML350 front and rear rain wiper fault operation method.

2005 Benz ML350 front and rear rain wiper fault operation method by Launch X431.

Actual Measurement Car Model
Benz ML 350,2005,VIN=WDCBB86E95A0*****。

Front and rear window wiper doesn’t work. Enter SAM_F – front with X431PRO3 multi-function module, display fault code \”902 a element or connection to the element F58KB (wiper opening/closing ON/OFF relay) signal of short circuit\”. Enter the REAR SAM – the back of the multi-function module, read the fault code: 9096 parts F4KR (r relay terminal 15) to the output end of the short circuit.

1. Select Benz V48.00 above ,see as pic1;

2. Select“Auto-Searching”,check the vehicle VIN information .Click“Ok” to continue, see as pic 2;

3. Select “SAM_F- Front multi-functional module”,Click“OK”to continue .see as pic3;

4. Read the fault code;902A . The component or the signal line connected to the component F58KB (the wiper opens/OFF the ON/OFF relay) shorted to the ground. See as pic4;

5. Read fault code of“Rear Sam” rear multi-functional module. :9066. The output end of the component F4KR (terminal 15R relay) is short-circuited, as shown in figure 5;

6. According to the fault code of fig.5 and 6, the circuit diagram of the relay F58KB and the relay F4KR is found, as shown in figure 6, the component location of the two relays
See figures 7, 8, and 9. Remove and decompose the relay F58KB and relay F4KR inspection, and find that the contact points of these two relays are seriously ablated. Therefore, the relay F58KB and the relay F4KR shall be replaced.

Figure 6 schematic diagram of the control circuit of the mercedes-benz ML350 wiper

Figure 7 fuse relay box F58 position

Figure 8 fuse and relay location of fuse relay box F58

7. After replaced the relay F58KB and Realy F4KR, Clear the fault code and then read the fault code with X431 Pro3. “The former SAM_F front multi-functional module” and “REAR sam-rear multi-functional module” all display “no fault code”. Start the engine, check the front, and then the wiper worker. Normal, the test drive for a period of time, before and after the wiper. For fear of other reasons causing the relay to abate, the customer returned to the customer after a week, before the customer feedback, and the wiper worked well. At this point, the fault has been ruled out.

8. The maintenance tips: in the maintenance work must be good at analyzing fault codes and the related circuit diagram analysis, the control principle and the position of the corresponding components and should have clear cognition, it can be engaged in the maintenance process.

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