what’s the difference between X431 V and V+


Looking to get a new scan tool. Particular the Launch X431 line-up. Would appreciate any and all input before I make a decision. Launch seem to cover more vehicle than anybody else, also in my experience they connect first time to difficult vehicles.

My shop has a verus and big daddy autel, but I always go for my launch scan pad. I like that it’s smaller and has the coverage. Like Tyler said, the graphing is a joke. Autoscaling is terrible. Snap on has the best graphing in my opinion but the verus takes freaking forever to boot up.

what’s the difference between X431 V and X431 V+ ?

Screen size:
V 8inch V+ 10inch

Exterior & Function : Same
That’s no difference if you do light cars diagnose.

So,what is the difference ?
Think about the V+ & HD module if you do Heavy truck diagnose.


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