Lonsdor K518ISE update error resolution renew firmware

In case your Lonsdor K518ISE update full, then you definitely press ok it desires update once again. You’ll need to follow the under solution to renew the firmware, the answer is tested ok by Lonsdor Engineers, so just take straightforward to comply with.

Step 1. Lonsdor K518ISE firmware update package free download hyperlink:

Step 2. How to renew the Lonsdor K518ISE firmware?

①.Download and unzip the attached file, you will get


①.Setup “PhoenixSuit_CN.msi”, open the app “PhoenixSuit“.


3.Connect your K518ISE Key Programmer to a laptop or computer using a USB cable.

① Click the button in red first.

② Click the button in black next.


③ Find the file procedure of flashing 518-04 and click it (marked in red, step 1).

④ Then click the button marked in black (step 2).


4.Hold around the energy crucial and you will see interface under. Click the button marked in red. And right away hold around the volume+ key till you see a progress bar within the laptop or computer.


5.Two windows will pop up, just click YES.

6.Update firmware successfully. Pull out the USB cable and wait them device to automatically restore.

7.Don’t touch the device. You will see a white screen and there are two buttons (set up WIFI and update).

8.Set up WIFI and then update. The problem will be solved after updating.

That’s all. Thanks

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