How to solve Reset Fault Codes of Cummins Insite 8.1

Finally, I have Cummins INSITE Pro crack on my work laptop. Before this, i have spent a lot of time to find a working cummins insite download with good reviews, but no luck. Most need subscription fee and software license cost. Just a lie! Do not believe so-call “download free”. it’ll better to pay a bit for cummins insite crack. Just $159.
I also have Nexiq USB Link clone (also called VXTRUCKS V8 usb link). With a great coverage of heavy duty vehicles: J1587 / J1708, J1939 / J2284 / CAN, J1850, ISO-9141, ALDL. And configure the wired or wireless connectivity..
Search and learn from a cummins insite user manual, then all work begins.
I read and clear codes from the ECM, although they are the Cummins codes which are different from the OBD II codes, but can’t see or do anything with the PCM.
This is how to clear fault codes on Cummins Insite 8.1 with VXTRUCKS V8
Fault codes
Reset all fault codes
Turn the key switch off
Then turn the key switch on
No fault codes now
Also, I can live monitor parameters, do data logging, look at and reset the two short term duty cycle monitor maps and view the long term/permanent duty cycle map.
I do cylinder cutout tests, grid heater tests, and cycle the lift pump.
And when a fault code come up, I can click on it and all the diagnostic procedures come up with wiring diagram, etc.
INSITE likely would also allow our users to reflash the ECM if you had the proper calibration file. However, INSITE itself does not have any calibration files included. That is a separate piece called INCAL that you also have to subscribe to/pay for, and I don’t know if INCAL has the Dodge software on it. The cal files for the equipment I work with come on a CD (soon to be DVD) that our company sends out quarterly to all subscribers.

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