Does Autel IM508 equal IM608 on Immo functions

Question: Does Autel IM508 equal IM608 on Immo functions? Does IM508 have the same diagnostic and service function as MK808?

Here eobdtool is answering the two questions. Hope this could help you before purchase.

1.IM508 vs IM608

Autel MaxiIM IM508 with XP400 Pro equals IM608 on Immo function. If we have to say something, IM608 covers more types on ECU/MCU read/write.

IM508 is designed as a tool with Immo function same as IM608 and basic diagnostic function. So the difference is the diagnostic function.

Because IM508 cannot work with J2534 ECU programmer, IM508 can only satisfy basic diagnosis needs, while IM608 is bi-directional and the diagnostic and service function can nearly reach the level of Autel MaxiCOM MK908. So we can say IM608 diagnosis and service is the MK908 without access to Benz& BMW server.

Here is the comparison chart:

IM508 wins in price and the IM508 update service fee after one-year free update expired, while IM608 wins in larger coverage of ECU/MCU, bi-directional control and better quality (bigger screen, faster loading etc.)

2.IM508 vs MK808
IM508 equals MK808 on diagnosis and service. IM508 basic diagnostic function includes all-system diagnosis and 20+ services like BMS, EPB, Oil Reset, DPF etc., which is exactly the same as MaxiCOM MK808. Both are not bi-directional. MK808 is designed as a scan tool with basic key programming, so the difference is Immo function.

IM508 wins in far stronger Immo function, while MK808 wins in its price and the MK808 update service fee.

All in all, which to buy depends on your needs.

IM508+XP400Pro = IM608 Immo + MK808 diagnosis

On the basis of MaxiIM IM508,

If you ask more about diagnosis, buy Autel IM608; If you do want functions that need to connect to BMW/Benz server, consider Autel MK908/MK908P.

If you don’t need such Immo function, just want to scan several cars, buy Autel MK808.

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