Mercedes Star Diagnostic

XDOS DAS Call WIS NET F6 (HELP)- WIS Is Not Available Solution

WIS-is-not-available-1 (2)
Problem: Update VI. Fix “WIS is not available on this system” error when click F6 in DAS ver 1.1 for 2019-09. Purpose: if you click F6 in DAS then [...]

Advantages of Star Diagnostic Scanner

Mercedes-Benz Scanner MB-Star Diagnostic allows you to read and erase fault codes from any control unit in your Mercedes-Benz. With Star Diagnostic scanner you [...]

How to choose a good Mercedes Star diagnostic C4 SDconnect

This is a copy of an original post in MHH forum. I copied and shared it again because it’s a great write-up and i bet i will benefit more from Mercedes Star [...]

Can Panasonic CF-19 work with Star Diagnosis DASXENTRY

Here is the solution to the question: “Can CF-19 laptop work with Mb Star C3 diagnostic das/xentry serial port? Problem: I have two laptops, an acer [...]

Mercedes StartStop Not Working

There may come a day that the Start/Stop function on your Mercedes-Benz no longer works. In this article, we go over possible causes that can prevent you from [...]

Chinese MB STAR scanners

I thought I would start a new thread on the Chinese Mb Star C3 systems, since there doesn't seem talk on this subject thus far. Since you’re reading this [...]

How to DIY MB Star Diagnosis

This is a post I read on the forum and find that it get lots of good comments, so I think there may be more people need and post on the blog for sharing. I [...]

MB Star DAS and Vediamo program Smart 450 SAM unit

I’ve just got Vediamo V4 up and running for a Smart 450 Cabrio with a dead SAM unit, to virginize (Or at least reset) a 2nd hand SAM unit and program it [...]

MB STAR C3 Xentry Error (1.3)-3.515.2019 (Solved)

Troubled with MB STAR C3 Xentry Error (1.3)-3.515.2019 for a few days. Tried lots of ways from forums but didn’t work. Then finally talked to the people [...]