Mb Star C3

Make Star C3 2021.03 Xentry work on W204

Star C3 Star diagnostic system failed to work on W204? Here is the customer solution. You are at your risk! Problem: I have DELL D630 with Xentry 03/2021 [...]

Mb Star C3 Mercedes Benz Star Pro use on all computers Technical Support

Here is Mb Star C3 Mercedes Benz Star Pro use on all computers Technical Support. For any question about mb star, here are solutions for you. How to install [...]

Mercedes Star Diagnostic Review

Mercedes Star Diagnostic Tool Review The Mercedes Star diagnostic tool comes in a variety of formats such as C3, C4 and C5. The c3 mercedes and MB Star C4 [...]

mercedes diagnostic tool

Mercedes Benz diagnostic tool as we all know, it is professional and popular auto diagnostic tool for Benz vehicle. it have lots , such as Mb Star C3, MB Star [...]

MB Star C3 / C4 / C5 Mercedes Benz Diagnostic Tool Comparison

Mercedes benz diagnostic tool is the popular auto diagnostic scanner in the market . But some customers dont know how to choose the correct one . Today , lets [...]

Why MB Star C3 Xentry cannot work on W205 recent Mercedes

User puzzles: I have installed Xentry 9.2014 in Mb Star C3 multiplexer. It works well so far. Now, I need to make diagnosis on mercedes w205 year 12/2014 [...]

Mercedes E210 Odometer Correction with Super MB STAR C3 DAS

Today, obd2tool engineers succeed to change km for Mercedes-Benz with Super C3 Star diagnostic tool. Here are some sreenshots about how to change [...]

Mercedes Benz Star C3 HHT Internal fault

Greetings, Has anyone experienced a HHT internal fault while using a Benz Star diagnosis C3 (Asian Clone) I am attempting to connect to a 98 W210 E300D [...]

MB Star DAS and Vediamo program Smart 450 SAM unit

I’ve just got Vediamo V4 up and running for a Smart 450 Cabrio with a dead SAM unit, to virginize (Or at least reset) a 2nd hand SAM unit and program it [...]

MB STAR C3 Xentry Error (1.3)-3.515.2019 (Solved)

Troubled with MB STAR C3 Xentry Error (1.3)-3.515.2019 for a few days. Tried lots of ways from forums but didn’t work. Then finally talked to the people [...]