Audi A5 TCU Clone with Launch X431 Pad V and X-Prog3

Audi-A5-TCU-Clone-with-Launch-X431-Pad-V-and-X-Prog3-1 (2)

What is Launch X-PROG 3?

Launch X-PROG 3 is an advanced immobilizer & key programmer, by working together with X-431 series diagnostic scanners (X-431 V, X-431 V+, X-431 PAD V, X-431 PAD VII, etc), it can read/write keys to the vehicle, it can perform immobilizer identification, Remote control matching, Key chip reading & matching, immobilizer password reading and immobilizer component replacement etc.

Audi-A5-TCU-Clone-with-Launch-X431-Pad-V-and-X-Prog3-1 (2)

Look at this images for X-PROG 3 supported brands, supported systems, compatible X431 diagnostic scanners and functions (i.e BMW CAS module clone, BMW 8HP clear ISN, Audi transmission clone, MED17 ECU clone and more…)

Good to know:
– X-PROG 3 in gray color: available online eshop like;
– X-PROG 3 in red color: available in offline dealership.

Audi-A5-TCU-Clone-with-Launch-X431-Pad-V-and-X-Prog3-2 (2)

Today, we will test one of its core functions ” Audi A5 TCU Clone with Launch X431 Pad V and X431 X-prog3″.

Operate in normal method:

♦   Get security code
♦   Get used transmission security code
♦   Make replacement step
♦   TCM programming
♦   Coding, basic setting…

Why clone?

After replacing the used transmission, perform a TCU CLONE may help you skip all security, programming and coding steps. It will effectively improve work efficiency and save working time.

X-PROG operation process with ease.

Enter Immo Prog software:

Tap “Service Function”;

Tap “IMMO Program” to read /write the immo related chips and ECU, to read and write car key chip / EERPM chip / MCU chip / EEPROM & Flash for engine ECU and gearbox ECU.

Audi-A5-TCU-Clone-with-Launch-X431-Pad-V-and-X-Prog3-3 (2)
Audi-A5-TCU-Clone-with-Launch-X431-Pad-V-and-X-Prog3-4 (2)

Connecting the VCI in Wifi mode…


Please connect the diagnostic connector and the X-Prog3 immobilizer key matching adaptor simultaneously.

Audi-A5-TCU-Clone-with-Launch-X431-Pad-V-and-X-Prog3-5 (2)

If there is newest version of programmer to be upgraded, click on “Yes”.

Tap “Gearbox”

Information: the current read / write data volume is large. To improve communication stability, use the USB for connection, click on “OK”.

Then perform the [Connect] function first.

Audi-A5-TCU-Clone-with-Launch-X431-Pad-V-and-X-Prog3-6 (2)

Tap “DL501 Gen1”.

Audi-A5-TCU-Clone-with-Launch-X431-Pad-V-and-X-Prog3-7 (2)

Tap “View Wiring Diagram”.

Please connect the engine to the diagnostic connector according to the picture and power the device on.

Audi-A5-TCU-Clone-with-Launch-X431-Pad-V-and-X-Prog3-8 (2)
Audi-A5-TCU-Clone-with-Launch-X431-Pad-V-and-X-Prog3-9 (2)

Connect the pin to the car transmission.

Audi-A5-TCU-Clone-with-Launch-X431-Pad-V-and-X-Prog3-10 (2)
Audi-A5-TCU-Clone-with-Launch-X431-Pad-V-and-X-Prog3-11 (2)
Audi-A5-TCU-Clone-with-Launch-X431-Pad-V-and-X-Prog3-12 (2)
Audi-A5-TCU-Clone-with-Launch-X431-Pad-V-and-X-Prog3-13 (2)

Star the Clone process

Click on “Connect”.

Audi-A5-TCU-Clone-with-Launch-X431-Pad-V-and-X-Prog3-14 (2)

Tap “Backup EEPROM Data”.

Please input the save file name.

Data backup succeeded.

Audi-A5-TCU-Clone-with-Launch-X431-Pad-V-and-X-Prog3-15 (2)
Audi-A5-TCU-Clone-with-Launch-X431-Pad-V-and-X-Prog3-16 (2)

Tap ” Back up Flash data” and it will reading.

Please input the save file name.

Data backup succeeded.

Audi-A5-TCU-Clone-with-Launch-X431-Pad-V-and-X-Prog3-17 (2)

Tap “Disconnect” until you can see “Disconnect successfully”.

Audi-A5-TCU-Clone-with-Launch-X431-Pad-V-and-X-Prog3-18 (2)

Connect the pin of XProg 3 to the transmission need to be replace.

Audi-A5-TCU-Clone-with-Launch-X431-Pad-V-and-X-Prog3-19 (2)

Tap “DL501 Gen 1” and then “Connect”.

Tap “Restore EEPROM Data”.

Choose the backup file.

And then get information “Data successfully restored”.

Audi-A5-TCU-Clone-with-Launch-X431-Pad-V-and-X-Prog3-20 (2)
Audi-A5-TCU-Clone-with-Launch-X431-Pad-V-and-X-Prog3-21 (2)

Tap “Restore Flash Data”.


Data successfully Restored!

Audi-A5-TCU-Clone-with-Launch-X431-Pad-V-and-X-Prog3-22 (2)

Quit the software of Launch X431 PAD V, disconnection succeed.

Do not forget to remove the XPROG 3 VCI from the vehicle.

Job is done!

Make a basic setting and the car is ready to drive.

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