Renault FLUENCE 2013 Steering Angle Sensor Calibration by Launch X431

Renault FLUENCE 2013

After replacing the steering wheel related parts and sensors,in the event of a related failure, you need to perform Renault. So here I will show you the guide on how to use Launch X431 to calibrate steering angle sensor for Renault FLUENCE 2013 .For more repair case about Renault ,please check here:Renault Trouble Repair

Actual Car Model: Renault FLUENCE,2013,VIN=VF1ZL4T2DC2*****

What You Need?

Launch X431 Pro

Operation Procedure:

1.Switch on the ignition, not start the engine;
2.Select throttle matching V10.11;
3.Select “RENAULT”, see pic1;

Renault-FLUENCE-2013-Steering-Angle-Sensor-Calibration-by-Launch-X431-1 (2)

4.Select“New SM3/FLUENCE”,see pic2;

Renault-FLUENCE-2013-Steering-Angle-Sensor-Calibration-by-Launch-X431-2 (2)

5.Pop up the dialog box ,click “Ok”, see pic3;

Renault-FLUENCE-2013-Steering-Angle-Sensor-Calibration-by-Launch-X431-3 (2)

6.Select“ Electric Throttle”,pop up dialog box and then click“OK” See pic 4;

Renault-FLUENCE-2013-Steering-Angle-Sensor-Calibration-by-Launch-X431-4 (2)

7.The execution process takes a few seconds,see pic5;

Renault-FLUENCE-2013-Steering-Angle-Sensor-Calibration-by-Launch-X431-5 (2)

8.Prompt“Instructions completed” Operation finished. see pic6.

Renault-FLUENCE-2013-Steering-Angle-Sensor-Calibration-by-Launch-X431-6 (2)

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