OBDSTAR Program KIA Forte 2011 Remote Key

obdstar-KIA-Forte-2011-remote-6 (2)

How-to: Program KIA Forte 2011 remote key by OBDSTAR x300 DP Plus/ Key Master DP Plus.

Step 1: Generate remote with Keydiy

In Keydiy app, select Remote Function-> Car Remote->Search Forte remote->Generate remote

obdstar-KIA-Forte-2011-remote-1 (2)

obdstar-KIA-Forte-2011-remote-2 (2)
obdstar-KIA-Forte-2011-remote-3 (2)
obdstar-KIA-Forte-2011-remote-4 (2)
obdstar-KIA-Forte-2011-remote-5 (2)

Step 2: Program key with OBDSTAR X300 DP plus

Select Immobilizer->Kia->Kia V30.65->Select from Type->Remote->16 PIN->Type 1->Program Remote

obdstar-KIA-Forte-2011-remote-6 (2)

obdstar-KIA-Forte-2011-remote-7 (2)
obdstar-KIA-Forte-2011-remote-8 (2)
obdstar-KIA-Forte-2011-remote-9 (2)
obdstar-KIA-Forte-2011-remote-10 (2)

Switch ignition on, and then switch ignition off remove key, press ENTER to continue

obdstar-KIA-Forte-2011-remote-11 (2)

Press LOCK or UNLOCK button for more than 1 sec of the original remote

obdstar-KIA-Forte-2011-remote-12 (2)

Program remote success. Press ENTER to continue

obdstar-KIA-Forte-2011-remote-13 (2)

Press LOCK and UNLOCK for more than 1 sec of the remote key generated by Keydiy

obdstar-KIA-Forte-2011-remote-14 (2)

Program complete.

obdstar-KIA-Forte-2011-remote-15 (2)

Test remote control.

obdstar-KIA-Forte-2011-remote-16 (2)


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