How to Reset BMW ELV when battery registration failure


How to Reset BMW ELV when battery registration failure?

it’s already happened to one of you that you can’t register the new battery with ista? and the steering lock light in yellow lights up, it’s impossible to reset the elv.

E Model you can use NCS (you find Battery Capacity in cas) ELV you can use tool 32 (please open cas.prg)

If you only changed battery with the new one with the same capacity, then do this:
SGBD: (Choose DME or DDE) “Steuren_batterietausch_registri Start job once
If you changed the capacity or type: *Change E-word in VO of the car by NCSEXPERT, write FA and code CAS
Alternatively use esys for F serie and code CAS/FEM
Then try to reset ELV counter and CAS in ISTA or Tool32 .

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