How to Replace and Program Mercedes ME 9.7 ECU with the LOWEST price

Question: How do you replace and program Mercedes ME 9.7? Possible to do it within 300 usd?

Answer: There are usually 3 optional ways. And the cheapest is 299 usd for all.

Optional solutions:


In detail…

1. expensive, the way same as the dealership does!
You can buy the original ECU ME9.7 and SD connect C4 emulator from the dealership.

2. popular among Mercedes owners
It’s popular because SD connect c4 is TOP 1 Mercedes diagnostic and programming tool.
You can buy a decent ME 9.7 ECU on the web. (Refer to the tip below to get a good ECU)

3. cheapest and tested successfully
The cheapest way is: KTAG + decent ECU + ME 9.7 renew cable!


the full kit with the best price: 299 usd

tip: you can see a lot of ECUs for sale online, but pls do buy an ECU that confirms to work good. here’s the functional ME9.7 tested by many Mercedes owners successfully:

Replace-and-Program-Mercedes-ME-9.7-ECU-3 Replace-and-Program-Mercedes-ME-9.7-ECU-4 Replace-and-Program-Mercedes-ME-9.7-ECU-5

the ecu can be used for any Mercedes equipped with ME 9.7:
Series     Models     Chassis NO     Engine Model(ME9.7)
C Series     C230     203.052     272.920
C Series     C280     203.054     272.940
C Series     C280     204.054     272.947
E Series     E350     211.056     272.964
E Series     E280     211.054     272.943
E Series     E300     12.054     272.952
E Series     E350     207.356     272.961
CLK cars     CLK280     209.354     272.940
CLK cars     CLK350     209.356     272.960
CLS sports cars     CLS350     219.356     272.964
CLS sports cars     CLS300     219.354     272.943
SLK sports cars     SLK280     171.454     272.942
SLK sports cars     SLK350     171.456     272.963
S Series     S350     221.56     272.965
S Series     S4100     221.195     272.974
M Series     ML350     164.186     272.967
M Series     ML300     164.182     272.945
R Series     R350     251.165     272.967
R Series     R300     251.154     272.945
GLK cars     GLK300     204.981     272.984
GLK cars     GLK350     204.987     272.971
The cheapest way:

When you get the original ECU data, just use this renew cable to connect to Ktag to write to Mercedes ME9.7 ME 9.7 ECU.  With this cable, you won’t need to open the ECU to write data anymore.

You need:

KTAG/KTM100 (to help write data)

Mercedes ME 9.7 ECU (for replacement)

Renew cable (to write data into the new ECU)


How to replace and program Me 9.7 with Ktag:

Step 1: disassemble the ECU from car

Step 2: read and save original ECU data with Ktag programmer

Replace-and-Program-Mercedes-ME-9.7-ECU-8 Replace-and-Program-Mercedes-ME-9.7-ECU-9 Replace-and-Program-Mercedes-ME-9.7-ECU-10 Replace-and-Program-Mercedes-ME-9.7-ECU-11


Replace-and-Program-Mercedes-ME-9.7-ECU-13 Replace-and-Program-Mercedes-ME-9.7-ECU-14 Replace-and-Program-Mercedes-ME-9.7-ECU-15 Replace-and-Program-Mercedes-ME-9.7-ECU-16 Replace-and-Program-Mercedes-ME-9.7-ECU-17

Replace-and-Program-Mercedes-ME-9.7-ECU-18 Replace-and-Program-Mercedes-ME-9.7-ECU-19 Replace-and-Program-Mercedes-ME-9.7-ECU-20 Replace-and-Program-Mercedes-ME-9.7-ECU-21 Replace-and-Program-Mercedes-ME-9.7-ECU-22

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