Lonsdor K518ISE New Feedback in 2019

K518ISE key programmer Latest Feedback in 2019:

*   New 3 month trial period for certain special function.

I used it for Megane 3 with Smart Card system. Programmed key card in 2 minutes. No need pin code or anything….

Seems they have finally got a good competition for the Zedfull…..

*   Mégane 3 RS 2010, 4 buttons card, hands free. Cards programmed 2 mins, Starts/stops, opens/closes, and the hands free works too with factory cards
*   Fiat doblo 2017. Program key ok And disabled key lost

Honda accord 2012. Add key ok

*   Renault master3 2012 add key ok
*   BMW 1 F25 2012 fem add Key ok
*   Read pin add key Peugeot 208 2014 ok
*   Mazda cx9 2015 add key 4d-63 80bit ok
*   -renault espace 2008 added 2 smart cards with no error, after finished the 2 cards were not recognised did not start car or work central locking

took long while, 5 minutes per card, MVP coded all cards in under 30 seconds, working perfect…

*   – I made cas 2 one week ago no problem at all i made key in slot off lonsdor max 5 min
*   -Personaly I never had issue with BMW cas 2/3 with lonsdor
*   – Volvo v50 2005 add key and remote ok
*   -Good news !! New update is good for MQB key !! Work fine add key on golf mk7 2015 ! Very fast and easy !!! Bravo !!
*   Mitsubishi space wagon 2003, precoded id61 and programmed key ok.
*   Corsa E (2016) read PIN (BCM) = OK
*   VW Amarok 2016 add key ok and backup eeprom
*   FIAT 500 2008 Read Pin code and preapre remtote key than program. ALL FINE
*   I have start loving this toy when i bought it was working 20% ok 80% not Now it is 95 – 5. Today megane 3 year 2009 keyless key made job in 2minutes
*   Porche Panamera 2010 km adjust obd job done
*   hyunday i20 2015 year

read pin ok

add key ok

*   Citro?n c5 2008 read pin add key ok

307 Kline read pin fail / add key ok

*   206 kline all key lost read pin ok about 3sec
*   Opel Zafira b read pin add key
*   Touran 2006 learn key and remote ok
*   Zafira B, read pin and add key, – Success (note, this failed under Zafira B in menu, but i chose type 3 from by system for both pin read and program and works fine)
*   Peugeot 607 2006 abrites won’t connect with BSI to read pin and key learning too .

Lonsdor read pin and program key 2 min .

*   Renault Fluence 2015 keyless go works excelent,in fact,zed full asks for pin and Lonsdor doesn’t.The key works ok in central module and keyless go,5 min job.
*   Suzuki Swift 2015-> (pcf7961)

all key lost

Program without pin – OK (2min)

*   Ford focus 2006 year

add key (all key lost) work all ok

*   Suzuki Swift 2013 all key lost – OK
*   Ford kuga smart spare key….ok, max 5min job
*   i30 2009 all key lost pin i key(7936) ok
*   grand cherokee 2014 add smart ok
*   Lonsdor K518 Jeep Grand Cherokee 2015 Smart Key programming definetely. Read eeprom, calculate pin code OK.
*   Berlingo 2014 all key lost pin read ok
*   Fiesta 2013 keyless ok
*   Mazda 3 2014 add Smart key OK. All keys lost also OK.

I20 2014, read pin without working key and program key OK.

*   2012 Ford Transit T350 2.2 RWD

AKL ok

Add Keys ok

*   Today Megane 3 year 2009 keyless key made job in 2 minutes.
*   Lexus 2007 all smart key lost.Black: SKE-LT-DST40(94/D4) – Supports 94/D4 smart key
*   Programmed ok.
*   Dokker 2015 failed – request incode.
*   OPEL COMBO (2005, ID40) : Pin ok, type3
*   Program new key ok
*   remote ok, through meriva (paid function)
*   Basically for all OPEL that i tried ( astra h, corsa c, combo id40, zafira b ), i got pin trough type3, nothing else worked
*   Done spare key Opel Corsa E 2016
*   10 minute job
*   ford ecosport 2014 add smartkey ok
*   dacia sandero 2009 add key ok
*   Honda civic 2016 ok
*   Ford Kuga 2017 Fail
*   Mazda CX-5 2017 USA
*   Add key – OK
*   Time – 7minJeep Grand Cherokee 2014 USA
*   Add key – OK
*   Time – 3min
*   Europe:
*   OPEL CORSA C: Pin OK under type3 (fail under corca c menu), add key OK, remote fail (done with zed-full)
*   HONDA H-RV 2015 immo+remote OK (IMMO TYPE 2)
*   OPEL ASTRA H: Pin OK (type3), add key+remote OK.
*   Strange thing, corca c with id40 and astra h with id46, worked under the same option, type 3.
*   AUDI A5 2010 immo5 AKL
*   Read BCM2 and Learn key = Pass
*   Hyundai I20 2010
*   Read Pin =FAIL (used vvdi key tool to get pin)
*   Program Key = Pass
*   Program Remote = Pass

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