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How to slove the error“Load File Failed, error code: 27E1”for CGDI Prog MB Benz Car Key Programmer?

Here’s the final solution to CGDI MB key programmer error: “Load File Failed, error code: 27E1” (shown picture below)   Possible reasons [...]

CGDI MB AC Adapter Collect EIS Data for Benz W164 All Key Lost in 6 Minutes

This tech post show a guide on how to use CGDI MB to collect EIS data quickly for Benz W164 all key lost programming. Preparations: CGDI Benz [...]

CGDI MB Program Mercedes Benz old W164 EZS All Keys Lost

Guide: add key to the Mercedes Benz old (A1645450909) EZS W164 when all keys lost using CGDI Prog MB key programmer. With the CGDI MB AC adapter, the data [...]

How to use AC adapter with CGDI MB for W639 all keys lost

Test report: Key Programmer CGDI Prog Benz Monster + AC adapter for Mercedes Benz W639 all keys lost. Hardware: CGDI Prog MB Key Programmer + AC [...]

CGDI MB AC adapter collects EIS data when 210 AKl in 9 minutes

When one additional CGMB AC adapter,  CGDI MB can collect the EIS data when Mercedes Benz 210 all keys lost in 9 minutes. This post share the whole [...]

How to use CGDI MB to do all keys lost programming for Benzf W216

Procedures: Connect the CGDI MB Programmer to vehicle by OBD port,and lunch the CGDI MB software. Note:Make sure your vehicle have enough power to [...]

How to Add Mercedes W211 Key with CGDI Prog MB

How to add new key to Mercedes W211 (copy key with key) using CGDI Prog MB Key Programmer. Connect the Key Programmer CGDI MB, the OBD connects the [...]