Toyota Corolla 2015 All Key Lost Programming by Xhorse 8A Adapter

Hello everyone, today we’re gonna bring you another demo on Toyota Corolla Altis AKL programming by Xhorse 8A adapter, which can work with VVDI2 / VVDI Key Tool Max + MINI OBD Tool.

Notice: Each day you can use this function 5 times at most. After limited times it will display “Run out of attempts for the day”.

Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max
Mini OBD Tool
Toyota 8A All Keys Lost Adapter


1. Connection
Disconnect car battery’s positive pole.

Toyota-Corolla-2015-All-Key-Lost-Programming-by-Xhorse-8A-Adapter-1 (2)
Connect J3 lock plug into relying on IG2.

Toyota-Corolla-2015-All-Key-Lost-Programming-by-Xhorse-8A-Adapter-2 (2)
Toyota-Corolla-2015-All-Key-Lost-Programming-by-Xhorse-8A-Adapter-3 (2)

Connect J5 plug to switch lock plug.

Toyota-Corolla-2015-All-Key-Lost-Programming-by-Xhorse-8A-Adapter-4 (2)

Connect J4 lock plug into OBDII port.
Connect J6 lock plug to 8A AKL adapter and Mini OBD Tool.

Toyota-Corolla-2015-All-Key-Lost-Programming-by-Xhorse-8A-Adapter-5 (2)

Connect Read 8A cable to positive pole, and
Connect Black 8A cable to negative pole.

Toyota-Corolla-2015-All-Key-Lost-Programming-by-Xhorse-8A-Adapter-6 (2)

When connection is done, all indicators are on.

Toyota-Corolla-2015-All-Key-Lost-Programming-by-Xhorse-8A-Adapter-7 (2)

2. Key programming
Turn on VVDI Key Tool Max.
Go to “Immo” and select specific model.

Toyota-Corolla-2015-All-Key-Lost-Programming-by-Xhorse-8A-Adapter-8 (2)
Toyota-Corolla-2015-All-Key-Lost-Programming-by-Xhorse-8A-Adapter-9 (2)
Toyota-Corolla-2015-All-Key-Lost-Programming-by-Xhorse-8A-Adapter-10 (2)

Immo connection success.
Put a VVDI super chip into VVDI Key Tool Max coil as the prompt.

Toyota-Corolla-2015-All-Key-Lost-Programming-by-Xhorse-8A-Adapter-11 (2)
Toyota-Corolla-2015-All-Key-Lost-Programming-by-Xhorse-8A-Adapter-12 (2)

Select “Master key number: 1”.
Master key generates successfully.

Toyota-Corolla-2015-All-Key-Lost-Programming-by-Xhorse-8A-Adapter-13 (2)
Toyota-Corolla-2015-All-Key-Lost-Programming-by-Xhorse-8A-Adapter-14 (2)

Restore connection and use this master key to start the car.


That’s the procedure of Toyota Corolla Altis AKL programming by Xhorse 8A adapter, VVDI Key Tool Max and MINI OBD Tool.

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