How to use GM Tech2 GM Diagnostic Scanner

The Tech 2 User’s Guide provides a comprehensive overview of the Tech 2 scan tool.Everything
contained in this manual is based on the latest product information available at the time ofpublication. The right is reserved to make changes at any time without notice.No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in any retrieval system, or transmitted in any formby any means, including but not limited to electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise,without the prior written permission of GM Service and Parts Operations. This includes all text, tables,illustrations, and charts.

Top 4 Reason to Get GM Tech2 Full Package:
1. Multi-langauge: English, Italian, French, Portuguese, German, Spainish, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Chinese
2. Update: via 32MB Software Card, when there is newer version, you can just buy new card to update
3. Support Car Models: GM, SAAB, Opel, Suzuki, Isuzu, Holden

Software Listing :
GM-English            33.004 1991-2014
GM-Spanish            33.002 1991-2014
GM-Germany            32.007 1991-2013
GM-Japanese           32.006 1991-2013
GM-French             32.007 1991-2013
GM-Italiana           32.007 1991-2013
GM-Portuguese         32.002 1991-2013
GM-Korean             32.002 1991-2013
GM-China              32.002 1991-2013
OPEL-English          Newly Update to V180  1997-2014
OPEL-Italian          Newly Update to V180   1997-2014
OPEL- Polski          Newly Update to V180   1997-2014
OPEL- German          Newly Update to V180   1997-2014
OPEL- Turkish         Newly Update to V180   1997-2014
GM Tech2 Card Opel Software Update to V180 Support Cars from the Year 1997 to 2014
SUZUKI-English         V01.210.020
SAAB-English           V148.000
ISUZU-English  CAN-BUS   V180 2006-2015 (CAN-BUS support car models after 2010)
ISUZU-English  K-Line    V11.680  1996-2014 (K-line support car models from 1996 to 2014)

Holden-English           V149.000  1999-2013 (For North American Area Only)
Holden-English            V147.000  1999-2012 (For Australia)

4. Year Coverage of Diagnosis: From 1992 to 2013, With Help of Tis2000 Software, It Can Do Programming for Cars Before Year 2007
5. Package light and easy for carry.

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