Autel Scan Tool Backup and Subscription Renewal

Does your Autel subscription expire soon? Has it already expired and you don’t have a backup? Do you have the funds set aside to buy a subscription renewal today?

If your subscription has already expired you are playing with fire. The only way to recover the software without a backup is the price of an update, or a Autel Scan Tool. With <$10 it is an easy recovery via backup.

To create a backup, simply insert the Micro SD card into your tool and open the base screen (not the diagnostic application). Then open ES File Explorer. There you will find two instances of SD Cards. Open the internal drive, usually label “SD_CARD” or similar. Hold your finger on “SCAN” to bring up lower menu. Select copy. Now open the external SD card, label “EXT_SD” or similar.

Paste the copy of “SCAN” here. Depending on model of scan tool this can take up to 3 hrs. Once this is done, remove the SD card and store it somewhere safe where it will not be damaged. It is very small so store it somewhere you’re not going to forget it.

Now take the second 32 GB card, insert it into your Autel/Auro tool and repeat the above process. Leave this one in your tool after backup. Update this once a month until your subscription expires, swap with the other backup, repeat.

Now you don’t have to stress it when something crashes.

The Autel line of tools will only recognize up to 32 GB Micro SD Cards. I highly recommend buying this pair of 2x 32 GB Micro SD cards to create redundant backups in case of file corruption.

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