Why every car owner needs Launch ThinkCar 2 smart Bluetooth scanner

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Launch ThinkCar 2 (the customized version of ThinkDriver in Obd2tool.com) is the most advanced smart diagnostic device on the market. It’s a smart tool that works with an apple on your smartphone, which provides the best diagnostic solutions for your car owners.

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There are various obd tools on Amazon, ebay and other stores, what makes thinkDriver any difference? The fact is most of the current products are limited to generic obd2 function only, which means they can only perform a mission related functions.

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Nowadays, cars are getting more and more intelligent with more comprehensive electronic control systems such as engine transmission ABS, SRS, TPMS and so on.

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However most diagnostic tools on the market can only diagnose emission related issues which is only a small portion of all the vehicle systems.

Therefore if there are issues with a vehicle’s TPMS, ABS or electronic windows which are common in cars. They cannot be diagnosed by the parent models sold on the market and it’s normal to find more than 30 electronic systems in newer car models, the more intelligent a car is, the more systems it has.

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Basically, a vehicle’s electronic control system consists of sensors, the electronic unit and the driving control application software, which can be used with the vehicles mechanical systems. Transmitting messages to each other by cables and radio waves.

The electronic control unit can be divided into four parts:

The engine electronic control system, the integrated chassis control system, the interior electronic security system and the information and communicating system.

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The OBD2 is different from all other onboard diagnostic systems in that it has strict emission targeting and its essence is to monitor the emission of cars by detecting their power and emission control system.

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obd detection mainly includes engine data, catalytic converter, particle trap, Oxygen sensor, emission control system, fuel system, EGR and so on.

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ThinkCar 2 covers all generic OBD2 functions, it also covers all vehicle systems for all obd2 vehicles after 1996.

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ThinkCar 2 can also display all the sensor parameters running on all the different systems, which helps you accurately locate the problem of the car.

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Moreover ThinkCar2 can read/clear all the fault codes.

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And it also can read / graph enhanced manufacture data streams.

For your safety, it’s suggested by professionals that all the fault codes should be cleared after repair. Otherwise it may damage the vehicle system.

With ThinkCar 2, your vehicle will be more stable healthy and easy to maintain.

ThinkCar 2 is equipped with 16pins which covers OBDII vehicles after 1996 with more than 100 brands.

It has capabilities with both generic OBDII protocols and manufacture specific protocols.

ThinkCar 2 app is designed based on latest user experience. It’s fancy, simple easy and powerful.

The unique feature to share with others health reports, ideals and more, on it’s build-in ThinkMoment online community.

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Launch ThinkCar 2 will be your best OBD2 diagnostic scanner.

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