Scorpio-LK Tango free download and installation on Win 7/8/10

Hi guys, this article will show you where to download Scorpio-LK Tango 1.116 software and how to install the software on win 7 810.

Scorpio-LK Tango free download:


scorpio-lk-tango-free-download-installation-00 (2)

Click on “Install 1.116.rar”

Click on “Ok” to download.

Scorpio-LK Tango installation guide:

1.Download the software files on your desktop.

2.Double click on the Tango Software installation file (.exe).

3.Select language and click on “Ok“.

scorpio-lk-tango-installation-update-01 (2)

4.Click on “Next“.

5.It’s recommended to leave the installation path as it is and click “Next“.

scorpio-lk-tango-installation-update-02 (2)

6.You can change the name of the shortcut in your start menu. Click “Next“.

7.Check the checkbox Create a desktop icon for easier access and click “Next“.

scorpio-lk-tango-installation-update-03 (2)

8.Wait for the installation.

scorpio-lk-tango-installation-update-04 (2)

9.Deselect “Launch Tango“ and click on “Finish“.

scorpio-lk-tango-installation-update-05 (2)

10.Go to the folder, where you just installed your Tango Software.(Default : My Computer > Local Disc(C:) > Program Files (x86) > Tango Scorpio-LK).

11.Open the “Driver“ folder.

scorpio-lk-tango-installation-update-06 (2)

12.Choose your operation system type and open the folder.

13.Right click on the “ftdibus“ and choose Install.

14.Click on “Ok“ to finish the driver installation.

15.Go to your desktop and right click on the Tango software’s shortcut.

16.Choose “Run as administrator“.

17.When the Software starts click on “Update“ on the “On-Line Update“ window to update your Tango Software.

scorpio-lk-tango-installation-update-07 (2)

scorpio-lk-tango-installation-update-08 (2)

18.Click on “Ok” and wait for the update to complete.

19.Your Tango programmer is now ready for work!

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