How to Solve V2020.3 MB SD C4 Software “The data are faulty” Error

Recently, some customers reported that their V03.2020 MB SD Connect C4 software could not be opened and the error “Data Error” popped up as shown below.


possible reason:

The initial conclusion is that this is caused by clicking the upgrade icon here.


The solution provided by obd2tool engineers:

1: Please do not click on the upgrade icon, otherwise it will be updated.

2: In addition, please change the file name “AddOnCenter.exe” to “AddOnCenter.ex_”, it will not be updated automatically. After modification, restart the computer.


3. If you encounter a “data error” error in the 2020.03 MB SD Connect C4 XENTRY software,

Please download the following link for free to repair.

Password: eswr9a
Size: 2GB
Security: No risk!

4. After fixing the error, restart the computer and then run the Xentry software again

This is the video for reference:

The above solution also applies to the Xentry software “data error” error of 2019.12. The difference is the Xentry patch download link.

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