Why my laptop tablet EVG7 says missing operating system

Yesterday, we OBD2TOOL received complaints from a customer with EVG7 for his old SDconnect C4, that his EVG7 lack operation system. And now we would like to explain that here.

I received the package today and I’m very disappointed in the touch screen diagnostic laptop is not working at all it is saying missing operating system.

Possible reasons:
1. Users have changed another hard disk themselves.
2. There is something wrong with the software pre-installed.
3. Users change the settings in the laptop
1. We mbsateshop do not have the package including Dell laptop and Mercedes software together. Mercedes software is not included in the pay for the Dell D630.

2. Laptops like D630, EVG7, CF30, T410, T420, all dn’t come with the HDD or operation system. You need to install systems or software yourself when they get them.
If you buy laptop alone at mbstarshop, please do install the software and driver in a right way. And you are not supposed to update computer graphics card dirver, or you should responsible for what you do.

3. If you order the laptop & software, and note which software you need to install, you can use the software directly on your laoptop when you get that.

4.If you want to do Star diagnosis and you are not the professional or experenced technicians, you are supposed to buy Star diagnostic tool with laptop together. With bundles like that, you can avoid lots of unnecessary troubles (like installation problems) and diagnose on vehicles once you received the package..

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