MaxiIM IM608

Three Steps to Add New Key to BMW by Autel IM608 (For Newbies)

This article will share how to use Autel MaxiIM IM608 to add a new key on BMW for the first time. A lot of people are scared to mess with BMWs because they [...]

Autel Maxi IM608 Read PIN Code for Dodge Smart Key

This test report feedback from our customer real test project,he use this new product Autel MaxiIM608 to read PIN code for Dodge smart key. Operation [...]

How to Use Autel MaxiIM 608 Expert Mode to Perform Key Learning

Autel IM608 Expert Mode provides skilled technicians a convenient way to perform individual IMMO functions they need. All the function options in this mode [...]

How to Retrieve Password for Mercedes Motorola HC05E6-REMOTE (0F82B) with Autel MaxiIM IM608?

To retrieve password,you need have Autel IM608 and XP400 programmer. Steps: Go to Autel Im608 programmer Accept the agreement Chip (eeprom, [...]

Autel Im608 Read Eeprom BMW FEM M95128

Test report: Autel MaxiIM IM608 is confirmed to read out EEPROM M95128 from the BMW FEM system. Connection: All connection should be good before data [...]

Autel IM608 + GBOX Read Password for W210 W211 W209

This is feedback from Michal Widlak. (Many thanks!) HI GUYS. I have some feedback about yesterday Mercedes update on Autel IM608 programmer. Just [...]

IM608 IM600 Error”This function is available on a pay-per-use basis. Continue or not

Customer issue: Just found this in advance mode after new update. When try to program VW 4th immobilizer all keys lost, Auro otosys im600 Auto key programmer [...]