Launch iCarScan Bluetooth Diagnostic Scanner

LAUNCH ICARSCAN successful to work with Android 10

I have used EZ-diag for a log time, and today i suddely could not log in. First, the message "The account has been loged in from another device". I have got [...]

Does icarscan can be used to lower a 957 as can be done with a Durametric

Does Launch ICARSCAN have the capability to calibrate the height sensors for the air suspension on a 958?  So.. I’d think yes, but I haven’t done it. [...]

New ICARSCAN VS LAUNCH X431 idiag VS Easydiag 2.0 VS M-diag

Is LAUNCH ICARSCAN same or old version of LAUNCH X431 Easydiag 2.0 ? Actually - not really and no. LAUNCH X431 Easydiag 2.0 is basically the same OBD-II [...]