How to Perform SPS Programming for for instrument panel controller calibration updates on Chevrolet Cruze with GM MDI Diagnostic Tool?

Purpose: Perform GM SPS (Service Programming System) Programming J2534 mode for instrument panel controller (IPC) calibration updates using GM MDI scan [...]

GM MDI 2 Multiple Diagnostic Interface with Wifi Card

The Multiple Diagnostic Interface 2 (GM MDI 2) is used by professional technicians as an aid in diagnosing and repairing automotive electrical and [...]

2019 GM MDI2 vs GM MDI diagnostic programming tool

2019 GM MDI2 shares the same functions and vehicle coverage as GM MDI. GM MDI2 features in a light blue color shell and brand-new shape, GM MDI features in [...]

Setting Up Wireless Communications

The GM MDI II is capable of communicating on your workshop network over Wireless. The Network Setup tab in the MDI Manager software provides a number of [...]

Installing the MDI Manager Software

The MDI Manager software is installed on the PC and provides access to the MDI 2s located on your network. The MDI Manager must be installed on the PC in order [...]

GM MDI 2 Genuine vs. China Clone

Look here: GM MDI 2 what’s the difference of the genuine and the china knock-off? compared with MDI 1, what’s good of MDI2? Should you buy a new [...]