BMW iCOM software

Top Tools to Register and Code BMW New Battery

BMW Battery Registration vs. Coding The registration procedure clears the charging history of the old battery and tells your BMW that a new battery with the [...]

How-to guide to make scanmatik usable with Ista

make-k-dcan-cable-usable-with-ista-01 (2)
Question: I installed Ista D 4.22, but I run into issues when I try to connect with the car using Scanmatik 2 PRO. I tried to select from Ista settings [...]

V2020.08 BMW ICOM Software Update for BMW ICOM A2NEXT (100% Works)

V2020.08-BMW-ICOM-Software-Update-for-BMW-ICOM-A2-NEXT-1 (2)
Newest BMW ICOM Software V08.2020 has been verified to work with BMW ICOM A2+B+C and BMW ICOM Next diagnostic tools. V2020.08 BMW ICOM software Update [...]

How to Reset BMW ELV when battery registration failure

How to Reset BMW ELV when battery registration failure? Problem: it's already happened to one of you that you can't register the new battery with ista? and [...]

Newest Version BMW ista-p ista d download

What is BMW Rheingold ISTA ? ISTA is a workshop system that contains BMW AG Data and Information. ISTA stands for Integrated Service Technical Application. [...]

ICOM A1 A2 Wireless User Manual

Lan Connect Operation Details 1. Connect the LAN cable to ICOM A1/BMW ICOM A2, another side to laptop LAN port 2. Connect OBDII cable to car OBDII Port; [...]

How to Download and Update BMW ICOM A2 A1 FW1.38

To run newest ISTA-D Rheingold 3.49.30ISTA-P 55.4.000 on BMW ICOM A2/A1 at , you need to 32 to the newest version Current SYSTEM IMAGE version: [...]

Update BMW E61 ECUs with ICOM WinKFP,ISTA-D,INPA, etc

A while ago I tried to update our BMW E61 ’05 completely with Program. It stopped at the first ECU, the CAS, the car did nothing Luckily I managed to get it [...]