Newest Version BMW ista-p ista d download

What is BMW Rheingold ISTA ? ISTA is a workshop system that contains BMW AG Data and Information. ISTA stands for Integrated Service Technical Application. Way back when, during the initial development of this tool, BMW used DIS (Diagnostics Information System), and as the programs evolved and due to the nature of the file naming conventions utilized by [...]

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How to update Autel MaxiSys Pro software and firmware

The original Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P diagnostic system has been designed to be the go-to tool for the professional technician who performs J-2534 reprogramming on a regular [...]

Notice About Looking at and using the OBD 2 scan tool

Looking at and using the OBD2 vehicle diagnostics , the user will be bound to notice some of the following features; 1.Multi pronged support- apart from the normal brands [...]

VAS 5054A VAS-PC V19 “Failure diagnostic bus” Error

I have installed the VAS-PC V19 software& driver and then connected VAS 5054A Bluetooth interface (with OKI chip) with vehicle, but the vas pc software failed to [...]

VAS 5054A ODIS 3.0.3 VCI not defined solution

Here is the solution to VAS 5054A Bluetooth interface serial number and ID VCI not defined error. Problem: When i tried to connect VAS5054A ODIS 3.0.3 scanner with [...]

Customer Frequently Asked Question:

Customer Frequently Asked Question: Q1: Can Clip for Renault all four indicator light flash, but when I enter the diagnosis menu, the CAN indicator light off and can’t [...]

Steps To establish proper vehicle communication to the MaxiSys

The Autel MaxiSys Mini MS905 is a good helper for maintenance in one mobile and smarter wireless tool. MaxiSys Mini MS905 has a 7.9" LED touch screen, powerful A9 quad-core [...]

Building your own car Frame the fixtures

As bodies in most of the cars are made up of metal materials like steel, aluminium or iron, you need to purchase such materials from a reliable metal supplier either online or [...]

What is the difference among Nissan consult 3, consult 4 and Nissan consult 3 plus?

What is the difference among Nissan consult 3, consult 4 and Consult 3 Plus? Can Nissan consult 4 remap ECU and change IGN time-limited parameter? 1) Nissan consult 3 and [...]

Turn the device on, if it did not auto-activate itself.

Key in a command to "read" or "scan" the diagnostic system. How to do this depends on the brand of OBD-II device you are using. Button layout differs from model to model, [...]

Ford UCDS CAN Diagnostic System Advantages new leleased UCDS Ford Full Function professional diagnostic and Ecu Remapping interface.Ford UCDSYS Universal CAN Diagnostic System with software UCDS Ford [...]