Launch X431 Tools

what’s the difference between X431 V and V+

Looking to get a new scan tool. Particular the Launch X431 line-up. Would appreciate any and all input before I make a decision. Launch seem to cover more [...]

Active Hidden Function via X431 PRO for Toyota Reiz 2015

Active-Hidden-Function-via-X431-PRO-for-Toyota-Reiz-2015-1 (2)
Here we will show you how to active hidden function by X431 PRO for Toyota Reiz 2015. Function has been already tested on Toyota below: 1. Automatic [...]

Renault FLUENCE 2013 Steering Angle Sensor Calibration by Launch X431

Renault FLUENCE 2013
After replacing the steering wheel related parts and sensors,in the event of a related failure, you need to perform Renault. So here I will show you the guide [...]

X431 Pro FAQ

X-431 PRO3
X431 Pro FAQ 1. How to save power? *   Please turn off the screen while X-431 PRO3 keeps idle. *   Set a shorter standby time. *   Decrease [...]


I have updated all car software for my Launch X431 V+, but when i use the VW diagnostic software V28.66, a message appears on the screen “Disaccording [...]

How to diagnose and fix a Honda XR-V with ThinkDriver

LAUNCH THINKCAR 2 (ThinkDriver) Bluetooth Full System OBD Diagnostic Car Scanner LAUNCH THINKCAR 2 for iOS Android Support Bluetooth 1.ThinkCar 2 is an [...]

2005 Benz ML350 front and rear rain wiper fault operation method.

2005 Benz ML350 front and rear rain wiper fault operation method by Launch X431. Actual Measurement Car Model Benz ML [...]

Why every car owner needs Launch ThinkCar 2 smart Bluetooth scanner

launch-thinkcar-2-smart-bluetooth-scanner-01 (3)
Launch ThinkCar 2 (the customized version of ThinkDriver in is the most advanced smart diagnostic device on the market. It’s a smart tool that [...]

Will Launch X431 V+ diagnose Hyundai Kia etc Korean cars

launch-x431-v-plus-diagnose-hyundai-kia-00 (2)
Question: will Launch X431 V+ diagnose Hyundai Kia etc Korean cars? Launch chief engineer replied: 100% yes, even to 2020 year. Firstly, Launch [...]

2006 Buick GL8 First Land Oil Reset with Launch X431 V+

This post guides you on how to use Launch X431 V+ to do 2006 Buick GL8 First Land Oil Reset. Car: ShangHai GM Buick,2006 VIN: LSGUD82C36E029343 Tool: [...]