Hyundai Trouble Repair

OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS program mileage for Hyundai Gensis 2015

I use OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS program mileage for Hyundai Gensis 2015, and it turns out to be feasible. But when I wanted to adjust the mileage of Hyundai [...]

Launch X431 PAD VII GPF Regeneration Operation

Launch-X431-PAD-VII-GPF-Regeneration-Operation-20 (3)
Launch X431 Pad VII, European Euro Tab III, and other devices can perform GPF (Particulate Filter Regeneration) Regeneration function for mainly Subaru, [...]

OBDSTAR X300M Test on Hyundai I20 Elite 2017 Odometer Correction

OBDSTAR-X300M-Test-on-Hyundai-I20-Elite-2017-Odometer-Correction-1 (2)
This article show a OBDSTAR X300 odometer correction testing on Hyundai I20 Elite 2017. Procedures: This case was testing on the [...]