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How to Register Mitsubishi Outlander 07 Immo Key with MUT-III

How-to-Register-Mitsubishi-Outlander-07-Immo-Key-with-MUT-III-16 (2)
Yesterday I registered keys for Mitsubishi Outlander Classic 2.4L AT 4G69 2007Y. It was necessary to add 1 key. Everything was done through Mitsubishi MUT-3 [...]

How to Use J2534 ECU Programmer with OE Software

How to Use J2534 ECU Programmer with OE Software 1. Download the PC suite from Autel website: then run the PC suite [...]

Xprog M V5.84 V6.12 Problems and Solutions

Here, have collected the solutions for software operation problems from Xprog-M box ECU programmer users. 1. Problem: The xprog V5.84 shows “Access [...]

Single Probe Solderless Connector Read ISN Change ECU without Soldering

Yanhua Mini ACDP Programming Master
Recently, releases a new probe -Single probe solderless connector. What can it do? What’s the advantage of it? How to use? Check the details [...]

How to activate VW ACC with VAS 5054A + ODIS?

You should have a decent VAS5054A head, ODIS, and ODIS online account.   You need FEC code for ACC. If your car didn’t have that from factory, [...]

Compare with KESS V2 & FGTech Galletto V54, Which one is Better for BMW M5 E60 EDC17 ?

Recently, I have been remapping a 2006 BMW M5 E60. I have heard the MPPS is not suitable for this ,so I decided to buy a better tool. Not sure if I should [...]

KTM Bench pcmflash 1.99 read SID208 ECU data Confirmed working

Confirmed: Peugeot Boxer 2014 SID208 ECU data reading with KTM Bench pcmflash 1.99. Image of KTM Bench connected to the Auto ECU Programmer and the [...]

How to Replace and Program Mercedes ME 9.7 ECU with the LOWEST price

Question: How do you replace and program Mercedes ME 9.7? Possible to do it within 300 usd? Answer: There are usually 3 optional ways. And the cheapest is [...]

How to use Ktag ktm100 firmware 7.020:

– How to reset the tokens? ECU Programming Tool KTAG Has Unlimited Tokens from OBD2TOOL, We Add a Renew Button. When the tokens use up, insert the USB [...]