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Best OBD2 Mercedes Scanner

Mercedes-Benz is all about refinement, class and prestige. We know that they are luxurious, and fast but they can also be troublesome to repair. In this [...]

Allscanner VXDIAG VCX DoIP Porsche Tester PIWIS 3 Car List

Look here: Allscanner VXDIAG VCX DoIP Porsche Tester PIWIS 3 vehicle coverage Compatibility: Porsche from year 2005 to 2018, including post-2017 vehicles [...]

Solution to Nissan consult III error “No registered VI/MI

Solution-to-Nissan-consult-III-error-No-registered-VI-MI-12 (2)
Nissan consult iii installation error ” There are no registered VI/MI. Please contact your administrator”. The device is Nissan Consult 3 Renault can clip [...]

Fixed! Chevrolet Lumina with loss of power on hills

Car model and year: 97 3.1 Lumina has 90K Symptom: a bit of a very slow coolant loss, and the pump was found leaking. Replacing that, about a month ago, [...]

Working DBR III emulator for Chrysler Crossfire 2005

Hi guys, this article shares the test reports on working DBR III emulator for Chrysler Crossfire 2005 including TPMS Relearn 2007 Roadster and ABS bleeding, [...]

Mercedes HU5 Ethernet DOIP Programming by DTS Monaco

Mercedes-HU5-Ethernet-DOIP-Programming-by-DTS-Monaco-1 (2)
How-to: export Mercedes Benz HU5 control module data from Xentry and import to DTS Monaco to perform Ethernet DOIP programming successfully. Connect Vxdiag [...]

Porsche PSE Retrofit Coding with PIWIS Tester

The coding procedure can be applied to All Porsche Models. Diagnostic system required: Porsche Piwis ii, PIWIS Tester III PSE retrofit coding is done as [...]

VXDIAG Porsche PIWIS III Physical Display & Vehicle Coverage

VXDIAG-Porsche-PIWIS-III-Physical-Display-&-Vehicle-Coverage-9 (3)
VXDIAG Porsche PIWIS Tester III is the new third-generation diagnostic tool specially developed for Porsche cars (until 2020 year), which PIWIS II is unable [...]

FREE download Nissan Consult 3 Plus software

CONSULT-III_v83_download (2)
CONSULT 3 Plus v83.11.00:!D9ZRnaSL!Y6rksoTqF1rbpx2-tIvliYFN5RcQSb6s-WwKqBGByZI CONSULT III Plus [...]

How to setup Hyundai software for Humzor NexzDAS Pro diagnostic tool

humzor-nexzdas-pro-hyundai-software-diagnosis-01 (2)
Question: I want to install Hyundai Elantra 2017 (US) software or any other car software for Humzor NexzDAS Pro diagnostic tool, how to [...]