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Could OBDSTAR dp plus do key program on GMC Sierra 2015-2018

OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS PAD2 Can support GMC SIERRA 2015-2018 do key programmer Here, check the car list: SIERRA 2017- 2015 with Smart without [...]

Xtool Updated GM 2018- Password Reading in July 2020

Xtool-Update-Gm-Models (2)
Xtool tech programmers (XTOOL X100 Pad2, Xtool X100 Pad3, autopropad, ps90  etc) updated GM security password reading models after 2018 in July 2020. GM [...]

OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus Correct Odometer for VW Sagitar

OBDSTAR-X300-DP-Plus-Correct-Odometer-for-VW-Sagitar-1 (2)
This test case from OBDSTAR tech support team,it show how to use OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus to adjust mileage for VW Sagitar. Procedures: Enter the Auto Key [...]

OBDSTAR Program KIA Forte 2011 Remote Key

obdstar-KIA-Forte-2011-remote-6 (2)
How-to: Program KIA Forte 2011 remote key by OBDSTAR x300 DP Plus/ Key Master DP Plus. Step 1: Generate remote with Keydiy In Keydiy app, select Remote [...]


How to add new smart key with Autel IM508 and Autel APB112 on Toyota Camry 2017 all keys lost? Go ahead to check the step-by-step guide. In this article, [...]

How to Reset Honda Accord 2010 Key with Autel IM608

Watch how to Reset Key on Honda Accord 2010 using Autel's IM Tools   How to use Autel MaxiIM [...]

Lonsdor K518S Key programmer car list

Lonsdor K518S
Many customers contacted me the car list of Lonsdor K518S.Below is the answer:   Europe: Audi, BMW, VW, Volvo, Citroen, Ferrari, Maserati, Fiat, [...]

VVDI2, IM608 and VVDI MB Which is Better for EU Cars

Vehicle coverage: Renault, VAG, ford, Mercedes, BMW, PSA, fiat are the vehicles that I have the most The Key Programmer I am interested in: Autel [...]

Autel MaxiIM608 Read PIN Code for Dodge Smart Key

This test report feedback from our customer real test project,he use this new product Autel MaxiIM608 to read PIN code for Dodge smart key.And here is another [...]

Single Probe Solderless Connector Read ISN Change ECU without Soldering

Yanhua Mini ACDP Programming Master
Recently, releases a new probe -Single probe solderless connector. What can it do? What’s the advantage of it? How to use? Check the details [...]