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Autel Scan Tool Backup and Subscription Renewal

Does your Autel subscription expire soon? Has it already expired and you don't have a backup? Do you have the funds set aside to buy a subscription renewal [...]

How to do Autel J2534 pass thru CIP programming for all Vehicles

How to solve: Autel J2534 pass thru FOR EVERY YEAR, MAKE AND MODEL Man! I finally figured it out! CIP (Coding Individualization and Programming), [...]

Autel IM508 Read IMMO data for VW Golf 6 on Bench

Used Autel MaxiIM IM508 to read IMMO data from ECU for VW Golf 6 on Bench. The whole process is simple and quick in 2 minutes. Plug the wires into the [...]

Autel XP400 Pro Read Write EWS3 EWS4 No Issue

Although BMW EWS is a very easy job can be done by cheap AK90 at $30,  it is just nice to know Autel MaxiIM can do EWS3 if happens to have it in [...]

Ford Focus Oil Change Required Reset via Autel MaxiSys Elite

ford-focus-oil-change-required-reset-via-autel-maxisys-elite-3 (2)
Today I’m gonna show how to do a reset on the oil change required service engine light with the Autel Maxisys Elite OBD2 Code Reader. I went ahead and [...]

Autel MaxiSYS tablet WIFI PRINTING Instruction Guide

This Instruction Guide is designed to assist Autel Maxisys tablet users. In this guide, users will learn procedures for WiFi printing from any Autel tablet [...]

Autel MaxiSYS Wireless Printer Setup

Autel scan tools cannot sent files directly to a wireless printer. Instead, you need to install software onto a computer which the scan tool will use as a [...]

Program VW New Beetle 2006 ID48 Key Chip by Autel IM508

program-vw-new-beetle-2006-id48-key-chip-by-autel-im508-1 (2)
Hello! Happy New Year 2021! OBD2TOOL is going to use Autel MaxiIM IM508 to program immobilizer key chip ID48 for a Volkswagen New Beetle 2006 .This will be [...]

Golf 7 AKL MQB 5 MIN JOB with Autel IM608 VVDI Key Tool Plus

golf-7-akl-mqb-5-min-job-with-autel-im608 (2)
Golf 7 AKL MQB 5 MIN JOB Autel IM608 VERY GOOD JOB Good to know: Also Xhorse VVDI2 and VVDI Key Tool Plus are able to program Golf 7 AKL MQB, as [...]


Some Autel MaxiIM IM608 customer is having trouble connecting the device to Autel update server. Show error as follows (Network busy (#1).Please try again [...]