Program BMW EWS3 key by AK90 plus + VVDI Key Tool Plus

Good morning folks, I have BMW EWS3 with Original chip PCF 7931 (ELM), today I want to have fun with Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus and it’s not necessary for this procedure because I’m also going to be using AK90 plus. Now you could do the whole job with AK90 Plus, but I just want to have fun, I want to take the eeprom profile that I read from AK90, transfer it over to the VVDI Key Tool Plus and just generate the key from there, so let’s get started, let’s do this.

key-tool-plus-ak90-bmw-01 (2)
key-tool-plus-ak90-bmw-02 (2)

So first we need to use the USB cable to connect AK90 Plus and the computer.

Then open “AK90” software.

key-tool-plus-ak90-bmw-03 (2)
We have EWS.

key-tool-plus-ak90-bmw-04 (2)

Let’s read EWS.

Please connect EWS model to port.

Click on “Yes” if you connect EWS model to port.

key-tool-plus-ak90-bmw-05 (2)
key-tool-plus-ak90-bmw-06 (2)
key-tool-plus-ak90-bmw-07 (2)
key-tool-plus-ak90-bmw-08 (2)

If failed, try it again.

Just like you can verify if you look at it from the line 0D406 do this again.

Alright, reading 0D46J(MCU)…100%

key-tool-plus-ak90-bmw-09 (2)
key-tool-plus-ak90-bmw-10 (2)

There’s file, I’ll just save it.

It’s perfect, it is on the desktop, okay remember that file

key-tool-plus-ak90-bmw-11 (2)

And we can analyze it, select “EWS Analyze”.

Key status: 1,2, 3 keys (used).  And all that key info.

key-tool-plus-ak90-bmw-12 (2)

Now we’re going to plug in the VVDI key tool plus by using the USB cable.
so now we have Key Tool Plus open. We’re gonna go to “share “, and gonna move this file (Bin file read by AK90 Plus) into the BMW folder, just make it cleaner, then disconnect the USB cable from Key Tool Plus.

key-tool-plus-ak90-bmw-13 (2)
key-tool-plus-ak90-bmw-14 (2)
key-tool-plus-ak90-bmw-15 (2)

Go to “Immo Data Tool”, then ” Europe”, “EWS3”, “Begin” to confirm the key info.

key-tool-plus-ak90-bmw-16 (2)

Back to the folder “BMW” and select the BIN file transferred from AK90 Plus. We’re gonna open it.

key-tool-plus-ak90-bmw-17 (2)

Remember position 1, 2, 3 were used, so now we’re just going to take key 4, key5.

Firstly, tick off “Key 4” and put my key into the keyhole, then tap “Prepare dealer key”, then select “PCF 7930 (PCF7931, PCF7935, ELM) ” and tap “OK”.

Soon, it says “Prepare dealer key success. Now the key can start engine.”.

key-tool-plus-ak90-bmw-18 (2)
key-tool-plus-ak90-bmw-19 (2)
key-tool-plus-ak90-bmw-20 (2)

First load the file and then tick off “Key 5” and put my key into the keyhole, then tap “Prepare dealer key”, then select  “PCF 7930 (PCF7931, PCF7935, ELM)” and tap “OK”.

Soon, it says “Prepare dealer key success. Now the key can start engine.”.

key-tool-plus-ak90-bmw-21 (2)

Alright, so I know this was a long convoluted way, just to make BMW keys when you cut all just done it with AK90 Plus, but I’d like to have fun, I like to mess around with Tech, I like to see if I could just transfer things over, so that way you never know, maybe the customer needs a key right and I didn’t bring my laptop, but now with inside my VVDI key tool plus, I won’t have to struggle, but oh man I didn’t bring my laptop I do have to file now written inside the key tool plus and I can make a deal a key and I can cut the key straight from here and I don’t want to bring my laptop.

Now what I’m gonna do is to cut the keys and I’m going to show you that everything works. So Xhorse XP-005 is cutting the key.

key-tool-plus-ak90-bmw-22 (2)

I will use the key that is just made to start the engine, perfect.

key-tool-plus-ak90-bmw-23 (2)
key-tool-plus-ak90-bmw-24 (2)
Job is done!

Everything is perfect!

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